Be the Bunk Captain.

Get excited about camp!

Are you a Bunk Captain?

Help campers in need.

Bunk Captain: Camp Supply

Our Mission

The first day of camp can be scary. That's why our fun & inspirational camp apparel is about setting a good example. A person that can show you the ropes, a friend you can trust, the BUNK CAPTAIN. Our graphics instill confidence in campers and maybe even the spark to that first conversation with new bunkmates.


Are you a Bunk Captain?

The kid every camper looks up to. The camper all counselors want to know. A leader in the bunk. A hero on and off the court. And a legend at the waterfront or pool. The Bunk Captain.  


Get excited about camp!

Find out how a lifestyle apparel brand can get your camper excited for camp while making a difference in camper's lives.


How we give back.

Being the bunk captain is all about setting a good example. That's why a portion of the proceeds from each sale help to send a child to summer camp.

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